The Pondhouse: A 10576 Community-wide Affair

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”  – Oscar Wilde

If you ever wondered what our Pound Ridge community looks like when they put their mind to a community-wide volunteer effort…well here it is. So many Pound Ridge families came out to contribute to The FoPR Pondhouse Initiative over the past several months. Raking, Landscaping, clearing trees, moving brush, clearing the new path, planting bulbs, moving logs, laying wood chips, moving boulders, cutting invasives, on, and on, and on. But as if that was not enough, then came the art. Beautiful rocks, from PRES kids and families all over town. Tic-tac-toe boards, frogs, ducks, school logos, imaginative rock creations, one more amazing than the next.

And then the contributions. Adirondack chairs donations from local families. Bazos, Fitz, Hansan, Singleton. Adirondack chair donations from Chubbys Hardware. The lily bulb donations from The Peck Family. Flowers for the Future from Naomi Peck. Dirt from Pound Ridge Nursery. Roofing from Perry Verrone, oakleaf boxwoods from Copia, and the ever-special street signs from Louise Paolicelli and The Paolicelli family.

And to all the families on the volunteer list. Those of you who stepped up and are waiting patiently. We have you on the list for our next community-wide initiative, and we’ll be certain to start the list exactly where we left off!

We are in the final stages of the Pondhouse initiative. Dedication bricks are in process and will be installed in the near future. Once the installation is complete we’ll be moving on to our next challenge. From all of us at Friends of Pound Ridge, to all of you our local Pound Ridge community, we thank you all for your extraordinary support and another community effort well done!