FoPR Community Golf Tournament

It started as a glancing thought. An impromptu think-tank on how to bring the already close-knit Pound Ridge Community out to play together in new and creative ways. It evolved into a conversation about a potential golf event. So many locals playing golf regularly already, could we produce a golf event?  The event would have to live up to the already high standards set by Friends of Pound Ridge and the FoPR Board, a fast-developing group with track record of creative and original productions. Could golf be the answer?

A deeper dive with the FoPR Board left us with a plan. The golf event concept had life and could potentially live up to high standards, but what about location? The event would still need a locale. There are 100 Pete Dye designed golf courses in the civilized world. One of those 100 exists right here in good ol’ 10576. The obvious choice for a golf event of this magnitude would be Pound Ridge Golf Club. The problem now, does the management team at Pound Ridge Golf Club see it that way?

A quick phone call over to PRG and a left message keep us in suspense. Would they be interested? Would they see what we see? Would they even return the phone call?

Fast forward 24 hours. A short but positive conference call left us giddy with possibilities. One more detailed conference call and The Pound Ridge Community Golf Tournament is born. It takes place on three consecutive Tuesdays in August at the famed Pound Ridge Golf Club. Beyond a fabulous golf course, the event includes an abundance of amenities and incomparable food selections, all more amazing when reminded of the pandemic taking hold of the world at the same time. A completely sold-out event held under skies only pictures can describe. Pictures that will share thoughts that no words can ever do…